The basis of Eventure is formed by the participant module and can be leased for a set number of users. Users can upgrade this module by extending it with additional modules.

Each module gives you additional features, making the tool adaptable to your needs.

Eventure Basic


Basic on-line and off-line registration of participant data.

If participants are already known from a previous congress, the system will automatically copy their personal details (offline) when registration is done manually.

Badges are printed with the push of a button.


The payments module enables users to charge costs to their participants, send invoices and reminders, process payments with all sorts for payment methods and create financial overviews.
Eventure can be connected to an online payment service provider. For example Ingenico, DocData or Worldpay. You can control which bank account appears on the invoice per project, making it possible to use several accounts for multiple projects.

Event registration

Allow participants to book sessions, socials events, additional items or other activities.

You can set a maximum capacity to the events, making it easier to keep control of the numbers.

Excel import

This module makes it possible to import participant details directly into Eventure using Excel.


Send various communications such as confirmation and invoices through email. This module requires an email programme based on the MAPI protocol, e.g. Outlook and Outlook Express.

Fast editing

This change option will make the participant registration data available as a spreadsheet. Changes made in the spreadsheet will be simultaneously entered into the database. This will make work easier for those users who want to edit participant data quickly.

 Optional registration modules

Accompanying persons

Allow participants to register their spouse/partner for a social program item. If extra costs are involved a participant can pay a fixed fee for a spouse registration or pay upon the number of items chosen.

Hotel bookings

This module can be used for letting participants make hotel reservations and linking them to individual rooms. Hide rooms when fully booked, show or hide hotels and/ or room types for specific categories and allow participants to book several rooms instead of only one.

Group bookings

Groups can receive their own online account within Eventure where they can manage a whole group of attendees. They can also register “placeholders” to enter the personal details at a later stage. Attendees belonging to a group usually do not receive any invoices personally, but are only given the practical information. The costs of these attendees are grouped together on one invoice and send to the group coordinator.

Invitee module

With this module participants can get their own personal link to login to the registration page. You can choose the landing page and whether or not you send personal data within the link making the registration process even easier. You can easily identify who has used their personal link and send reminders to those who have not done so yet.

Extra badge editing

Print a personal program on a badge. Show the session titles and starting time and during your congress everybody knows where to go.

This module also makes it possible to file a photo of each individual participant. If necessary this photo can be printed on a badge.


This module offers the possibility to use more than one language in the registration process. The participants will then receive all forms and communication in their choosen language.

The available languages are: English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Slovenian, Norwegian and Icelandic.

Online categories

This module makes the categories compiled offline available on the internet. By using categories you can control the fees and options available to the participant upon registration.

Transport module

The transport option can be used to collect travel information such as the arrival and departure dates, of participants, enabling organisers to arrange transport.

Tickets and vouchers

Many parts of the congress programme require tickets and/or vouchers which can easily be produced with this module.

Automatic incasso

This module creates a ClieOp03 file to be used in your own banking system for automatic payments.

Onsite module

Through a dedicated network onsite, participants without a registration can fill in their own personal data. At the registration desk only payment and the distribution of the badge(s) remain.

Additional free fields

This module gives the freedom to use 8 (extra) fields which can contain 150 characters each. The fields can be used in the online form the registration details page.

Online reporting

The online reporting makes it easy to share lists and reports with organisers/clients within a password protected environment.


The reimbursement module provides an easy administration for paying out travel reimbursements or per diems.

Exhibition and Sponsor module

This module is used to register exhibitors, including sponsoring, making it easier to keep track of sqm of exhibition space, electricity connections, chairs, tables, etc. This module enables the users to print badges for employees manning the exhibition stand, to print various lists and invoices, including a maximum of 3 partial payments (payment scheme).

Membership module

Keep a member administration in Eventure and register the following for each member: board (and function), committees, contributions, education, subscriptions, other. This module allows the printing of invoices as well as various lists. If there is a congress or event in the future, Eventure enables the use of all the relevant data from this administration.

Voucher codes

This module makes it possible to create (discount)codes per category.