Saving Lives

Conferences are the main channel for scientists and researches to share their work and their progress, collaborating with other professionals and creating new ideas, products, methods and medicines. These developments have saved millions of lives throughout the years.


Eventure is the result of Parthen’s broad experience in the field of congresses and events. Since 1988 Parthen develops software to help organisers manage participant registration and scientific abstracts.

Eventure allows you to effectively and efficiently organise registration and abstract handling. From large to small meetings and events. This tailor-made tool provides both structure and transparency.

Even more important than the technical side is the guidance offered by Parthen. This will never stop. From help with your registration to the installation of complete on-site networks to our always friendly supportdesk.

Why Eventure

Since Eventure started in 1988 a lot has changed in the world of conference and technology. Everyday you can find new tools for participant registration or easy ticketing. Some are even free of charge! Why should you chose Eventure for your conference?

What makes Eventure unique is the seamless combination between working online and offline. Users benefit from both the security and easy use of Windows and the flexibility of the web. We offer a flexible tool which you can expand with optional modules. You only pay for what you actually need. Can’t find the module you need? Just ask, perhaps we can build it.

It is easy to stay in control by using quick exports to excel, sending mails to participants and keep an easy overview of speakers vs. registrations. All participant data is even available without an internet connection, making failing wifi at a conference venue no longer an issue.

Quality and security are important to us. Eventure has been thouroughly checked on security, making sure your data is safe with us.

Not yet convinced? How about our dedicated supportdesk? They are only a phone call or e-mail away to support you in whatever you need.

Eventure Modules

  • Participant Registration
  • Abstract processing
  • Excel imports
  • Accompanying persons
  • Hotel bookings
  • Group bookings
  • Invitees
  • Online Reporting
  • Mailings/Communication
  • Handling payments
  • Easy editing
  • Automatic incasso
  • Exhibition and Sponsor handling
  • Membership administration
  • Onsite module
  • Session proposals
  • Extra badge editing
  • Multi-lingual
  • Check on previous conference
  • Transport module
  • Tickets and vouchers
  • Reimbursements
  • Categories

Eventure App

In order to provide the highest quality we have partnered up with Conference Compass, creating the best possibilities for a mobile event app for our clients. The mobile app provided by Conference Compass has an existing data link with the Eventure software.

Conference Compass is very experienced, in particular in scientific/medical conferences, and focusses just like Parthen on the quality of their product. As a client you can opt for a stand alone app, or have your event hosted within the Eventure app.

For more information on Conference Compass and their contact information, visit the following page: