About Parthen

The aim of a good conference is allowing people to share their knowledge and strenghtening their network. Yes, the food is very important, but so is a solid organisation behind it.

Parthen is the expert partner for conference and event organisers. With over 30 years of experience, we deliver the tools and products to make conferences better and make life easier for those having to organise them. Weeks, months or even years of preparation materialise in one or just a few days in which everything needs to come together and our clients need to feel in full control.

The services offered by Parthen were specially designed to support this desire for control. The key word here is communication.

  Focus on Quality

Every single person working at Parthen wants to make a success out of it. For us, pleasure and enthusiasm is crucial. We focus on what we are good at while listening to our clients’ wishes.  And the things we are not good at? Throughout the years we built up an experienced and trustworthy partner network, helping you connect to the right people. We believe in why we do, what we do.

Parthen stands for quality, reliability and trustworthiness.