Abstracts may well be considered the back-bone of a scientific conference. The aim of the conference is a high-quality solid programme which enables researchers and scientists to share their results, connect with others and further develop. This all starts with the abstract handling, providing the perfect and easy tool for authors to send in their proposals, and for reviewers to make the right selection.

Eventure enables the organisers to provide a smooth process to authors, reviewers, a scientific committee and themselves. Each step in the process has been well thought about and developed, making sure every phase supports the next one.

Abstract Submission

Easy set-up for the PCO, easy submission for the author.

Control the opening and closing dates for submission, determine the lay-out of the submission form and add or remove fields such as topics, keywords and AV needs as you see fit.

Scientific Committee

Monitoring the process from beginning to end.

Control if your Scientific Committee can only view what is happening, or give them the control they need by allowing them to accept abstracts, create sessions and chairs.

Online Review

Scoring made simple for your busy reviewers.

The list of abstracts to be reviewed can be sorted and filtered on different places, allowing the reviewer to find their best fit. Abstracts can be exported into a pdf file for easy offline reading.

You export all scores in a detailed and clear excel file.

Abstract selection & notification

Assign a status to an abstract and inform authors of the final selection

Publication of your programme

Add locations, sessions, timeslots, chairs, abstracts and links to presentation. Edit the layout to the colours of your conference and publish the programme on your event website.

Of course all of this is completely responsive.

Collecting & publishing full papers

Accepted authors can go back into their submission, upload their full papers and have it directly published into the online calendar.

Session Proposals

Allow the submission of open or closed session proposals. Accept or reject sessions, including abstracts, and easily import them into your calendar.

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